Clip Show?

Not a big foodie weekend, despite Goetta Fest and Pangyri.  I still consider the latter my favorite food festival in Cincinnati, but I skipped it this year upon realizing that every year it basically consists of me standing in an hour-long gyro line, on a blacktop, on what always feels like the hottest day of the year.  Getting attacked by a booger almost seems like a relief.

And now with my computer circling the bowl, I’ve been scrambling to offload my data, most of which consists of hundreds upon hundreds of food pictures- most of which are just duplicates of something I already posted.  A good number, however, have never seen the light of day, which got me thinking about why.

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First Person To Say “Asparagus” Gets His IP Address Blocked.

After about fifteen years of living in Cincinnati, I am finally to the point where I can behave myself at Jungle Jims.

I no longer feel an urge to buy durian fruit ‘just to see what it smells like,”  or try to convince myself that I really really will use two big stalks of fresh lemongrass.  I’m honest with myself about the honey I need (tupelo or orange blossom, please) and am no longer tempted by the salsa bar, chocolate covered insects, or Indian TV dinners.

But sometimes I do see something extrordinary, and immediately feel the need to plan the entire week’s menu around it.  In this case, it was fresh morels.

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