Favorite Places – Part 1 in a Series (in no particular order)

Shapiro’s Delicatessen, Indianapolis Indiana

So this is probably not the proper forum to confirm or deny the “Karaoke in a giant green sombrero” rumors.

I did, however, spend a long weekend in Indianapolis.

The trip had a bittersweet feel to it, as a couple of my close friends are moving away.  Things won’t change much in a day-to-day sense, but hastily planned day treks up I-74 are no longer possible, and the whole “late-night-the-tequila-has-kicked-in-but-im-not-in-jail-yet-and-there-is-a-guy-in-a-Mountie-uniform-asleep-in-my-yard phone call” dynamic becomes more complicated when one has to take time zones into account.

One upside is that my pal Rachel has taken an interest this past year or so in healthier eating/cooking/and thinking about where her food comes from, so it was fun to visit a couple of her favorite places- I always love it when people share their passions with me (my trip to a yarn store with two obsessed knitters remains one of my happiest memories of 2006), but it’s an order of magnitude more amazing when you yourself feel the same way.

But first things first.

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