We Who are About to Die(t) Salute You

This is the typically time of year when everything breaks down.  The bold promises I’m so cavalier about making on New Year’s Eve survive on hubris and momentum for a few weeks, and then I hit snags. It’s still too cold for my lust for jogging to overcome my wimpyness.  My budget is derailed by Emergency Cookbook Purchases.  Valentine’s Day gives way to Easter candy displays and my personal blood-sugar kryptonite – the Cadbury Mini Egg. Things happen.   My steam fades, my new routine falls flat,  and my new-found resolve fades into the ether.

That said, there is much I want to accomplish this year. In fact, I’ve never been in a better position to “work on myself.”   I continue to have a group of supportive and feisty friends, and a few concrete, positive goals to aim for.

So, with that, very belatedly, a few food-related resolutions for what’s left of 2011.

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