I’m sitting here at work cracking up, and I just feel compared to share.

So the company I work for was recently spun off and sold to an entirely new set of Thai and Malaysian corporate masters. A team of senior executives visited “the plant” today, including stopping by our offices for a chat.

It felt like the Red Cross visiting a POW camp, where they ask us if we have enough blankets and if we are being flogged for minor offenses.

But here’s the funny part.

The bosses here (who are usually pretty reasonable people) decided what a great idea it would be to shut the cafeteria down and demand that the cafeteria staff prepare Thai Food for our guests.

Without belaboring the point, this cafeteria is not staffed by graduates of America’s elite culinary academies.

They are good at what they need to be good at, which is basically heating up prepackaged frozen cookie dough, wrapping lunchmeat in tortillas, and deep-frying stuff.   I will begrudgingly trust them to prepare me a grilled cheese sandwich (off the menu) on the occasional day when I forget my lunch.

As I write this, they should be just about finished with the meal. I’m sorry I have no pictures or menu or recipes or firsthand reports of the meal itself.

But this just screams “International Diplomatic Incident Waiting to Happen.”

One thought on “Huh??

  1. Oh dear god, what were they thinking? At Children’s where I work, they do something pretty cool…once a month or so they have a local non-”American”-food restaurant come in and offer a “sample” dish – pad thai, jerk chicken, whatever – that they specialize in, and we get to try it and get a restaurant-quality lunch for about 5 or 6 bucks. But that’s letting the pros work within their own specialty areas, not expecting people to try something way out of their league.

    I had a delicious Thai pineapple curry Friday night, and the leftovers are still in my fridge. I think I know what’s for lunch soon. Om nom nom.