If You’re Gonna Do Something…

This post constitutes a non-review of Terry’s Turf Club.

I say non-review because I’m starting to recognize I have been put upon this earth to write about bacon and chorizo and pork shoulder and spareribs, not quibble about service times or fawn over Chef Bob’s kiwi reduction. Besides, I seldom eat out.

I finally made it to Terrys Turf Club a few days ago with my friends  Jay and Evan and Sam.   Sam does not have a blog, sadly.

Again, I’ll be clear.  This is decidedly a non-review.  As such, I will provide the following facts germaine to the experience.

1. Terry’s Turf Club is a restaurant.
2. It is located somewhere.
3. The place is decorated.
4. There is a staff.
5. There is a menu.
6. A member of said staff took our order at a time subsequent to our arrival.
7. pursuant to #6, food and drink arrived.
8. Food was consumed.
8a okay, I left a little bit of crabmeat on my plate.
9. Food was paid for.
Again, I don’t do restaurant reviews.  Just as Terry’s doesn’t do drywall.  He has found something he does well, and sticks to it.

I will, however, say this.  Oh. My. GOD this hamburger was amazing.  The beef was well seasoned, held together nicely without hemorrhaging juice into the bun, the toppings were fresh, and the portions were big.

Really, you should go to Terry’s.  It’s at 4618 Eastern Avenue In Cinti.  513.533.4222

9 thoughts on “If You’re Gonna Do Something…

  1. No, I don’t have a blog, but I’m giving it some thought. Yes, the burger is amazing, return trip needs to happen sooner rather than later.

    If you had gotten bacon on the burger would this post have then been a review?

  2. Mr Land – Thank you. It was only mildly sloppy. A good meat to bun ratio kept the mess to a bare minimum.

    Liz – I know! I could barely hold the camera straight I was shaking so hard in hungry anticipation, hahha.

    Heather – ha. you know how seldom i eat out.

    Sam- Had I ordered the bacon the review would have constituted of grunts.

    Thanks Guys!

  3. Thanks, Bob. There have been so many good posts about Terry’s that I didn’t want to be redundant. Besides, the real reason I don’t do more reviews is that I can’t seem to spell the word restaurant.