I’m Not Sure What My Problem Is…

…But clearly the solution involves, “baking more Parmesan cream crackers.”

Please note the fancy edging, courtesy of my pastry wheel.

The recipe is Mark Bittman’s, the video is here. Please excuse me while I complete the final yet essential step of the “Random Late Night Stress Baking” process.

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure What My Problem Is…

  1. I have had this recipe saved for months. If I didn’t have a roommate, I would be stress baking up a storm right now.

  2. Esi – It makes a mess, (well *I* made a mess, but I think you could cook circles around me so I’m sure you’ll be okay) but VERY tasty. I’m sure you could bribe your roomie with a few of them.

    Liz – I think was labelled as a “Ravioli Crimper,” but it was the exact same thing he was using in the video.