Ribbed for Our Pleasure

Drawback to being the Pork Guy?

Realizing that you are not the only Pork Guy.

Big, oinky thankyou to Nathan and Anna for presiding over a splendid evening of ritual pig worship.  And for offering me the bite of brain – (texture of peanut butter, favor of pate)

And props to David and Laura for sauces, smoke, good humor, and organizational acumen.

One picture.  The real hero:

7 thoughts on “Ribbed for Our Pleasure

  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I am in awe (and sort of jealous…I should have pushed myself to make it to the last one I was invited to..my own fault..) of all of the group parties you guys are have and love following along on twitter!

    • Thanks! I am constantly amazed by my friends. Nathan and Anna (and David and Laura) have been planning this for months, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to partake. Seriously… next time you have a chance to roast a pig – You know what to do!

    • Interesting, but in a way, I get where she was coming from. I think our modern food system basically sanatizes the relationship between meat eating and animal killing, and it’s a poweful shock when we force ourselves to see things that way.

      But, you’re right… still, taste a smokey, vaugely salty medallion of juicy pork and it’s nearly impossible not to jump up and down and dance.