About Your Blogger

So.  Me.

Mid to late 30s ne’er-do-well, living in Cincinnati and doing things during the day I’m not sure are worth discussing.

Just so we’re clear, a couple of things:

I rarely eat out in Cincinnati.  If you ask me where to find the best BLT or the smokinest BBQ or the Pork Belly at this or that restaurant, it might be a little awkward for both of us. 

Sidenote: Memphis is a different story.  Ask me about Memphis and I can rattle off a dozen places to celebrate All Things Pigalicous, not to mention how to get to the Peabody Ducks or the best coffeehouse ever or the best place to listen to live music or how to distract the Graceland security staff in order to look for toenails in the plush Jungle Room carpeting.

Anyway.  This hardly represents an endorsement, but I tend to buy Bluegrass Farms bacon at the supermarket, or the thick cut variety from Kroeger & Sons @ Findlay Market.  If I’m feeling sassy, I’ll order something from the Grateful Palette and use the packing material as air freshener.

I cook my bacon on a cast-iron skillet.  I know the “correct” way is to put it in an oven over a pasty-rack, but a skillet gives you a good sear and lots of fun bacon grease with which to cook flatbread.

That’s, uhhh, about it.


6 thoughts on “About Your Blogger

  1. Hi there!

    So I’ve come to ask your expert advice, sir.

    I recently had a very disappointing experience with a Voges bacon chocolate bar. Now I’m determined to make my own chocolate-covered bacon.

    Any advice before I get started?

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  2. Hey Jessie! I’m flattered you would seek my advice on matters of bacon and chocolate (two of the four essential food groups along with “iced tea” and “Indian Food”, in my opinion)

    Having read a few of your recipes, I have a feeling we would go about things in a smilar straightforward way. I would prepare a good ganache, coat the bacon, and allow it to dry.

    Having made a few batches of bacon candy, though, I would offer ONE caution. Make sure the bacon is cooked and dried thorougly. The ganache would not be as hot as molten sugar, but it might still be warm enough to render some of the fat into and onto the chocolate, creating a greasy texture.

    just my .02 I’ll write a post about this soon. :)

  3. Hi!

    Thanks so much for your response! :D I had a feeling you might know a thing or two about it.

    Yeah, I am thinking either straight melted chocolate or a ganache. Maybe I’ll try both. Fantastic advice about not melting the bacon grease. Yay.

    I try to be good about my blog reading, but definitely shoot me a note if you do post about it. I’ll do the same.

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse