Recipe Archive

Asian Vinagrette
Bacon Egg-Nogg
Bacon Fat Popcorn
Bacon Toffee
Banana Bread
Banana Cream Cheese Pie
Barley and Bacon soup
Basque Chciken Fricasee
Bean Soup with Pork Bits
Beef Stew
Blueberry Crumb Muffins
Braised Short Ribs
Brine for Chicken
Brine for Pork
Burre Blanc
Caramel Corn
Chain Restaurant Onion Appetizer (this is a guest post.  Don’t hate, Boo)
Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken in a Pot
Chicken Soup with Herb-infused Dumplings and Entirely Too Much Garlic
Chickpea and Bacon Cutlets.
Chocolate Truffle Torte (Link Only, but this is awesome!)
Chorizo Hand Pies
Cider-Braised Pork Belly
Coconut-Lime Frosting
Concord Grape Jam
Cream of Artichoke Soup
Creme Anglaise for People You Like
Croque Senior
Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake
Dulce de Leche (link only) 
El Azteco Cheese Dip
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Fried Rice with Pork
Glazed Pork Belly
Grand Marnier Ice Cream
Ice Cream in a Bag
Instant Caprese
Italian Buttercream
Lemon Rosemary Salt
Lobster Bisque
Mac and Cheese with Pancetta
Medium-Boiled Egg
Morel Risotto
Nuoc Cham
Osso Bucco
Pad Thai
Pan Fried Chicken
Pancakes with Fiori de Sicilia
Pancetta with Veggies and Homemade Pasta
Parmesan Cream Crackers
Pineapple Drop
Pork Belly Confit
Pork Belly Sous Vide
Potato Curry
Potato Gratin (don’t click.  It’s not very good)
Pound Cake (Link Only)
Pupusas con Queso
Quasi Spring-Rolls
Quiche Alsacienne
Raspberry Struessel Bars
Rosemary Squash Bisque
Royal Icing
Saffron Mayo
Sausage and Tortellini Soup (AKA “THE SOUP”)
(Simply Braised) Pork Shoulder
Slow-Cooked ribs
Tapioca Pudding
Tequila Cupcakes
The Mark Bittman Chorizo-Chickpea-Spinach Thing.
The Surly Temple
Tomato Soup
Umami Tart
Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes (Link Only)
Vegan Royal Icing (Link – don’t laugh, it actually tastes pretty good)
Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Stock
Veggie Delight
Vietnamese Braised Pork