There Will Be No Pictures of Pigs Shooting Down Brothers on the Instant Replay

I suppose this is the part where I tell you what a great blogger I’m going to be.

And how I’m going to make all of these promises I have no intention of keeping.

To be diligent in my updates.   To network with the other bacon bloggers.  To update for the sake of updating.

News Flash: not going to happen.

Well, maybe.  See.  I started food blogging about a year ago here Wrote some posts, honed some recipes, generated some traffic, made some people laugh.

But I had issues.

Some of these were technical in nature.  My web host is unfriendly. They don’t support certain technologies which means the site had to be built by hand.  I mean, they haven’t even updated their OWN website since like 2002.  Then there is the comment spam.

But the real issue was culinary. You know how a compass always points north?  All of my recipes were… drawn toward the inevitable.   I’d make a perfectly good soup and bemoan its lack of salt pork.    I’ll make salad and wish it had more bacon.

Hell, I’ll make salad DRESSING and wish it had more bacon.

My piñata full of bacon candy was, perhaps, the moment I realized I need a new blog.

I reserve the right, occasionally, to not write about bacon.  Or salt pork. Or chorizo served over scrambled eggs with a side of perfectly seasoned roasted potatoes.  Or BBQ so good you suck on the leftover napkins.

I am perfectly content with a bowl of blanched edamame and a zombie movie.  But think of it this way.  I remember this file footage of Bobby Fischer (the chess guy) going bowling in Reykjavik during the 72 title match with Spassky.  He was basically hurling the ball down the little alley overhand and when someone tried to give him advice, Bobby brushed him off with something like, “You know, there is chess, and then there is everything you do to get ready to play or wind down after playing.”

So.  Here I am.  Hi. Welcome to my Bacon Blog.