First Person To Say “Asparagus” Gets His IP Address Blocked.

After about fifteen years of living in Cincinnati, I am finally to the point where I can behave myself at Jungle Jims.

I no longer feel an urge to buy durian fruit ‘just to see what it smells like,”  or try to convince myself that I really really will use two big stalks of fresh lemongrass.  I’m honest with myself about the honey I need (tupelo or orange blossom, please) and am no longer tempted by the salsa bar, chocolate covered insects, or Indian TV dinners.

But sometimes I do see something extrordinary, and immediately feel the need to plan the entire week’s menu around it.  In this case, it was fresh morels.

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The Bacovore’s Dilema

I’m not just full.  I’m sated. Satisfied.  Pushed to the limits in both the kitchen and dining room computer table before being returned safely to a now-expanded comfort zone.

When we last left our hero he had decided to take a week and prepare a series of dishes from his favorite food blogs.   He would choose dishes from blogs he enjoyed reading for their own sake, while savoring the opportunity to experiment a little.

He also resolved not to add bacon to everything.  But more on this later.

And, candidly, I couldn’t be happier with how well things turned out. I have some comments and pictures to share, as well as a fridge full of leftovers that you are all welcome to stop over and sample.

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